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Tuesday 20th March 2018

UAE Condemns Houthi Attacks Against Holy Mecca as Serious Escalation


7Dnews London

Wed, 22 May 2019 15:57 GMT

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has strongly condemned Yemen's Iranian-aligned Houthi militias that tried to target the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca with a ballistic missile.

A spokesman from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said in a statement on Wednesday May 22nd that the attempt to target the Holy City of Mecca during Ramadan represented a serious escalation and showed the unprecedented moral bankruptcy of these militias, the UAE News Agency (WAM) has reported. 

The ministry said the lack of religious or moral boundaries serving to deter these militias from undertaking such acts would provoke the feelings of Muslims around the world. 

The statement pointed out that “the timing of this attack indicated that the Houthi militias are dependent on external agendas, adding that such a ‘sinful act’ aims to destabilise security and stability in the region and to undermine efforts aimed at achieving peace in Yemen.” 

In addition, the UAE confirmed its solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all measures taken to safeguard its security and stability. 

The UAE also asserted its firm commitment, as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition supporting the legitimate government in Yemen, to achieve security and stability in Yemen as a brotherly country, according to its belief in the importance of this goal for regional security and stability. 

The UAE also urged the international community to act immediately to stop such terrorist attacks targeting the Holy Places in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Late on Monday May 20th, Saudi Arabia's air defence forces shot down two ballistic missiles over Taif, one heading towards Mecca and the other over Jeddah, Saudi media reported. 

In July 2017, Houthi militias targeted Mecca by missile in an attack that was also intercepted by Saudi air defence forces. 

On Tuesday, the Arab League also condemned the firing of two ballistic missiles towards Mecca on Monday by Houthi militants. 

It said in statements that the head of the Arab League condemned such terrorist acts, saying they not only constitute a serious threat to Saudi Arabia’s security and stability, but also jeopardize the security of the whole region, as such acts violate the sanctity of the holy places. 

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