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UAE Receives Influential Energy Leaders Ahead of WEC


7Dnews London

Sun, 08 Sep 2019 19:05 GMT

Global energy leaders and entrepreneurs gathered on Saturday, September 8th, in the UAE to participate in the 24th World Energy Congress hosted by Abu Dhabi from 9th-12th September under the auspices of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the UAE, reported Emirati News Agency.

The expected congress is the triennial World Energy Council’s International flagship event where Energy leaders meet to discuss energy future, new strategies and critical innovation areas.

Since its inception in 1924, the WEC is being held for the first time in the Middle East as the UAE National Committee managed to win the international bid amid hopes the event becomes the most successful yet.

"The United Arab Emirates is honoured to be hosting the Congress, which builds on and reflects the ambitious energy transformation that the country is going through at present. We recently announced two of the largest solar generation projects in the world and have also embarked on a civil nuclear programme,” said Emirati minister of energy and industry, Suhail Al Mazrouei, at the opening press conference of the expected event.

"The UAE’s 2050 Energy Strategy was started as a result of the country Leadership's vision towards sustainability and diversity. From that vision, we worked on the first long-term energy strategy in the region aiming for 50% contribution from clean energy sources with zero Co2 emissions, and we are also investing in energy efficiency initiatives,” added Al Mazrouei.

"The 24th World Energy Congress’s theme of ‘Energy for Prosperity’ represents the ambitious and dynamic energy transition the UAE is going through at present," added the minister "We are proud to host this historic 24th World Energy Congress – a truly global event with delegates from the across the world travelling to Abu Dhabi.”

The Emirati minister said that the world faces the same challenge to realise an innovative and sustainable energy future that would enhance chances of societal, commercial and community prosperity.

"The 24th World Energy Congress will help to lay the foundations for a more prosperous energy industry – with innovation helping to drive a low carbon economy and cleaner energy generation methods,” added Al Mazrouei.

The opening press conference of WEC included Fatima Alfoora Alshamsi, CEO of the UAE Organising Committee for the 24thWorld Energy Congress, Younghoon David Kim, Chair of the World Energy Council, Jean-Marie Dauger, Chair-elect of the World Energy Council and Christoph Frei, Secretary General & CEO of the World Energy Council.

Younghoon David Kim, Chair of the World Energy Council, said, "The World Energy Council has been engaging leaders in all sectors from across the world, to meet the challenges of whole energy system innovation and work together to shape the energy future.”

"We are bringing together the world’s energy leaders at the 24th World Energy Congress to find solutions to energy transition challenges that will enable whole societies to benefit as well as regenerate the earth’s natural life support systems,” added Kim.

The WEC aims to bring together international energy stakeholders, governments, private and state-run energy corporations, academia and media. The number of participants is expected to exceed 15,000 that includes ministers, energy experts, energy companies’ CEOs.

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