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Sun, 08 Dec 2019 13:13 GMT

UAE Refurbishes 36 schools, 23 Hospitals and Health Centres in Yemen


7Dnews London

Wed, 13 Nov 2019 21:01 GMT

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has refurbished and furnished 36 schools across the liberated West Coast districts of Yemen through the UAE Red Crescent, its humanitarian arm. With regard to the health sector in Yemen, the UAE support included the opening and refurbishment of hospitals and specialised health centres and programs to combat diseases and epidemics through programmes to upskill medical staff as well as to ensure the treatment of medical cases outside Yemen.

The UAE opened a new school called the Al-Fateh School in the Qutaba district of Al-Khokha, in Al-Hudaydah governorate on Tuesday November 12th, in the presence of local authority representatives, the UAE news agency WAM reported. Eight more schools will open in the coming weeks.

The representative of the UAE Red Crescent Authority in the West Coast said that the Authority is working according to a specific strategic plan and at a high frequency to ensure the resumption of the education system along the liberated West Coast directorates. Al-Fath School is located in the densely populated Qataba area and now 800 students can return to their classes.

The Director of the Education Office in Al Khokha Directorate, Ibrahim A'jash, conveyed the thanks and appreciation of the members of the educational sector and all the people of the Directorate to the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE has managed through the humanitarian arm of the Red Crescent to fill the gap, lifting the devastated education sector in the Directorate of Khokha and various directorates of the West Coast out of chaos.

The Director of Al-Fateh School, Mohammed Al-Oud, confirmed that his school had stopped teaching completely before the UAE Red Crescent Authority intervened to restore and renovate and furnish it.

He pointed out that this is the third school that the UAE has renovated and refurbished in Qataba.

The Medical Section

WAM monitored details of the UAE's support to Yemen's health sector over six months. It included the opening and refurbishment of hospitals and specialised health centres and programmes to combat diseases and epidemics through the upskilling of medical staff, as well as to ensure the treatment of medical cases outside Yemen.

The report highlighted UAE projects, programmes and initiatives related to the health aspect in Yemen during the first half of this year, which coincided with the "Year of Tolerance". More than 11,000 cases have been treated abroad.

The report pointed to the UAE's efforts in the West Coast region, where it refurbished seven health centres: Al-Zahari Center in Al-Mukha, Abu Zuhir and Qataya Centers in Al-Khokha, Al-Bahadir and Al-Jariba centers, and Al-Taif in Al-Duraimi, in addition to Al-Matina Center in Al-Tahita, while it opened a health centre in Al-Shujairah area.

The UAE provided medicines and medical supplies to 10 medical centres. The salaries of medical staff were paid. In the city of Shabwa, specifically in Lower Markhah, the UAE launched a mobile clinic to combat dengue fever accompanied by a preventive spray campaign. Socotra, with Emirati support, witnessed the opening of emergency and operational departments at Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Hospital.

The report pointed out that the UAE has refurbished 23 hospitals and health centres in the liberated governorates of Yemen. The list included six hospitals in Taiz and Hadramout and 11 health centres on the west coast and Hadramout. The UAE has refurbished two specialised departments in Aden and Socotra as well as four clinics in the West Coast and Aden. During the same period, the UAE supported 200 humanitarian cases and 300 wounded. The Yemeni Ministry of Health handed over nine drug containers that helped alleviate the suffering of thousands of Yemenis.

The UAE has also started the refurbishment and rehabilitation project of Al Mokha General Hospital. It also opened in the distributor directorate, specifically in Taiz, a health unit and a mother and child centre with a shipment of medicines and food supplements for children. A fourth mobile medical clinic was inaugurated in Ghuwairik.

The past months have seen the dispatch of 3 new batches of patients and those with incurable cases. The UAE treated 62 patients in hospitals in India.

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