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Thu, 23 Jan 2020 07:34 GMT

UK Govt Urged to Save Regional Carrier Flybe


7Dnews London

Tue, 14 Jan 2020 14:47 GMT

The British government was urged on Tuesday January 14th to help save Flybe, Europe’s largest regional carrier that operates more than half of British domestic flights, to avoid the loss of over 2,000 jobs and an integral part of Britain’s airborne infrastructure.

According to The Guardian, the Exeter-based airline flies 8.5 million passengers a year. Flybe requested financial help from the government in the form of a multimillion-pound air passenger duty bill to see the airline through the rest of the winter.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was reported by the BBC to have said that there is "no doubt" about the importance of the regional airline.

Environmental groups have raised concerns that such a move would be "reckless", given the need to tackle climate change, but ministers seem at least to be considering saving the UK air carrier from collapse.

Johnson was further reported to have told the BBC that it was "not for government" to step in and save companies that run into trouble. But he added: "We see the importance of Flybe in delivering connectivity across the whole of the United Kingdom."

Tim Jeans, chairman of Cornwall Airport, said Flybe was "very important not just to our airport but to regions, to nations and to island communities across the UK. They provide lifeline services to destinations across the rest of the UK that are simply not replicated either by other airlines or by convenient and affordable train services."