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Wed, 13 Nov 2019 00:17 GMT

UK to Decide Soon on Huawei, Needs Fair Play from China

Science & Technology

7Dnews London

Wed, 11 Sep 2019 15:43 GMT

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said on Wednesday September 11th that the UK will soon make its final decision about whether to allow Huawei’s equipment to be used in its 5G networks, Reuters reported.

"The government will come to its position soon. We will get to a decision pretty soon," Wallace said, adding that China must stick to the rules if it obtains access to Western markets.

"We will not allow anything to compromise our sensitive networks in the UK but our technical advice is that there are places we can go to mitigate any security risk," he said.

"This is more than just technical - this is also about behaviour," Wallace told Reuters. "It wasn't that long ago that the United Kingdom and other nations called out China publicly for some of its cyber activity. And if we are going to allow countries access to our markets, I think we should all expect a code of behaviour which is fair play."