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UN Chief Says Live Fire at Iraqi Demonstrators ‘Disturbing’


7Dnews London

Thu, 07 Nov 2019 16:30 GMT

UN Chief Antonio Guterres denounced on Thursday November 7th, reports that Iraqi security forces have fired live ammunition at anti-government protesters in Baghdad, deeming the reports “disturbing,” AFP reported.

Guterres expressed his concern over the increasing number of deaths and injuries among Iraqi protesters.

He further added in a statement that all acts of violence must be seriously investigated, pointing out to the necessity of a meaningful dialogue between the government and protesters.

At least 35 people were reported wounded in the clashes with security near Al-Shuhada Bridge, as mass demonstrations continued for a 13th straight day with thousands thronging central areas of the capital.

Wounds were the results of being hit with batons, or exposed to tear gas and, as reported, bullets.

The military called on the protesters to stop blocking roads and ports, saying that they had cost Iraq $6 billion already, and vowed to arrest those responsible, AP reported.

Angry protesters complain of widespread corruption, unemployment, deteriorating basic services and poor living conditions.

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