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UNRWA Extends Palestinian Refugee Mission until 2023


7Dnews London

Fri, 13 Dec 2019 20:38 GMT

The UN General Assembly on Friday, December 13th renewed the mandate for a UN agency supporting Palestinian refugees for another three years, despite fierce opposition from the United States and Israel.

The current mandate was due to run out in June 2020 but was renewed to 2023, with 169 votes in favour, nine abstentions, and the Americans and Israelis voting against at the UN General Assembly, according to AFP.

The resolution approved on Friday "all donors to continue to strengthen their efforts to meet the anticipated needs of the agency" amid deplorable socio-economic conditions in the Palestinian Territories.

President Donald Trump's administration and Israel accuse UNRWA of prolonging the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The agency disputes that and says the services it provides would otherwise not be available to Palestinians.

UNRWA, established in 1949, provides health, education, and relief services, as well as housing and microfinance assistance, to more than 5 million registered refugees in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem, as well as in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, the New York Times reported.

The agency has faced a financial crisis after the United States suspended, and later cut, all its funding in 2018.

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