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US First Lady Welcomed in Belgium with Music and Fashion


7Dnews London

Thu, 12 Jul 2018 13:37 GMT

US First Lady Melania Trump returned to the international stage on Wednesday July 11th as she mingled with the spouses of America’s closest allies over classical music, fashion and chocolate, as reported by AP.

As President Trump harangued Germany and other allies at a NATO summit in Brussels, his wife chatted amiably with some of their spouses at a music conservatory in a wooded park in Waterloo, near the Belgian capital.

There, she and 10 other spouses were given a tour of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, a training centre for gifted young musicians housed in a modernistic glass building. 

In the evening, in a white Elie Saab cocktail dress, Melania Trump attended a dinner at the Art and History Museum at the Cinquantenaire, a landmark city park. 

The trip marked the former model’s return to the international stage after she dropped out of public sight in May for nearly a month, including five days in hospital following surgery for a benign kidney condition. 

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