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US, Norway to Carry out Observation Flight over Russia


7Dnews London

Mon, 11 Mar 2019 16:00 GMT

A joint US-Norwegian mission will carry out an observation flight over Russia under the Treaty on Open Skies this week on March 11th to 16th, the Russian news agency TASS has reported.

Meanwhile, Russian experts will accomplish a similar mission over the territory of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Acting Head of the Russian Defence Ministry's National Nuclear Risk Reduction Centre, Ruslan Shishin, has told reporters.

He said, “The joint US-Norwegian mission will carry out an observation flight over Russia’s territory aboard a OC-135B US observation aircraft from Khabarovsk Airport on March 11th to 16th. "

For its part, Russia plans to carry out an observation flight over Benelux aboard an An-30B observation aircraft on March 11th-15th, which starts from Hungary’s Kecskemet airport, with a maximum flight range of 945 kilometres.

Shishin stressed, “The Russian observation aircraft will fly along the route agreed on with the observed party and Benelux specialists on board will monitor the use of observation equipment and compliance with the Treaty’s provisions. Observation flights under the treaty are carried out to promote greater openness and transparency in the states parties’ military activity and strengthen security through confidence-building measures.”

This is Russian experts’ fifth observation flight over the territories of the Treaty’s state participants in 2019.

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