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Sun, 17 Nov 2019 14:25 GMT

Venezuela's Guaido Warns Military on Blocked Aid


7Dnews London

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 09:51 GMT

The leader in Venezuela of the opposition against the current president, warned the military to stop blocking humanitarian aid from entering the country and deemed it a "crime against humanity". Juan Guaido was recognised last week by some 50 countries as the country's interim president.

Guaido gave his warning as the international aid situation highlights the struggle of wills between supporters of Guaido and of President Nicolas Maduro, in which the military in this situation is the pivotal player that will determine the future of the country.  

The United States sent medicine and food which has been blocked for three days in Cucuta, Colombia, after the Venezuelan military closed a bridge linking the two countries. 

"There are people responsible for this and the regime should know it," Guaido said after attending Sunday mass with his wife and 20-month-old baby. "This a crime against humanity, men of the armed forces." 

Moreover, Guaido warned that the military will be held accountable for the deaths of demonstrators, estimated at 40, who have been killed in demonstrations since January 21st. He reaffirmed his call for a mass march on Tuesday in their memory.  

On the other hand, the current president, Maduro, refuses to accept humanitarian aid seeing it as a US ploy to intervene in Venezuela, calling it a "political show". He blames US sanctions for the dire situation the country is in.   

However, Guaido argues that the current regime is refusing to acknowledge a "crisis that they themselves generated," while Venezuelans were working to deal with the humanitarian emergency. 

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