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Thu, 23 Jan 2020 09:40 GMT

Instilling Values of Tolerance and Promoting Practical Approaches to Combat Extremism

Counterterrorism & Security

7Dnews Abu Dhabi

Wed, 18 Dec 2019 18:22 GMT

The Conference on Empowering Youth and Promoting Tolerance has been able to reflect UAE’s vital efforts in contributing to find solutions in attempts to eradicate all forms of extremism worldwide and at the same time provides a sturdy platform for world leaders and internationally renowned speakers and academics to share their wisdom, knowledge and expertise on this very sensitive issue, currently affecting the world.

The conference provided solutions to countering extremist ideology while placing the spotlight on United Nation’s plans to build a strategic way out to help put an end to the threat of terrorism. 

Promoting values of tolerance, spearheaded by the government of the United Arab Emirates has allowed various government officials and representatives to come together and conjointly provide ideas to preserve human dignity and the youth from all forms of radicalisation.

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