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North Korea: US Detects Suspicious Activities


7Dnews London

Tue, 31 Jul 2018 09:41 GMT

North Korea seems to be resuming its activity in a factory that produced the country’s first intercontinental ballistic missiles, a move that conflicts with joint attempts between Washington and Pyongyang to end hostility in the Korean peninsula.
US spy satellites showed vehicles moving in and out of the facility at Sanumdong, but do not show how advanced any missile construction might be, the official told Reuters on condition of anonymity because the intelligence is classified.
The Washington Post reported on Monday that North Korea seemed to be building one or two new liquid-fuelled intercontinental ballistic missiles at the large research facility on the periphery of Pyongyang, citing unidentified officials familiar with intelligence reporting.

According to the US official who spoke to Reuters, one photo showed a truck and covered trailer similar to those the North has used to move its ICBMs. Since the trailer was covered, it was not possible to know what, if anything, it was carrying.

The White House said it did not comment on intelligence. A senior official at South Korea’s presidential office said US and South Korean intelligence agencies are closely looking into various North Korean movements, and declined to make any specific comment.

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