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Tony’s Coffee Shop in Zimbabwe’s Divine Scenery

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Fazila Mohamed

Thu, 30 Aug 2018 10:37 GMT

In the misty mountains of Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands lies a little delightful coffee-and-cake haven serving an exquisite combination of locally produced and brewed, fruity Arabica coffee and boozy cakes.

Located in the tourist town of Vumba, 30 kilometres outside Mutare, Tony's Coffee Shop is as much of a tourist attraction as Vumba's plush forests and majestic scenery.

The owner of Tony's Coffee Shop, Tony Robinson, started off entertaining friends more than 20 years ago, but his home has now turned into a must-visit place where you can indulge in innumerable varieties of coffees, teas and hot chocolates, with an array of exotic & decadent cakes which are a little oozy and a bit boozy.

Tony's is not your run-of-the mill coffee pit stop. Its chocolate whisky cake is very popular, as is the white chocolate cake which comes with a whole chocolate bar lodged inside the slice. The cakes are downed with Zimbabwe's home-grown and brewed coffee. Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands region bordering Mozambique boasts of lush valleys, rolling mountains and a cool climate--perfect for coffee growing.

It’s not just about coffee and cake. The fine antique china, silverware, cutlery and furniture tell a story of the beauty of colonial days, minus, of course, the oppression and segregation.

Tony’s, as it is affectionately known, has become a popular attraction for locals and tourists visiting the little mountain town of Vumba, which has the Old Castle, Leopard Rock Golf resort, Botanical Gardens and other tourist sights.

"This week so many friends from all phases of my life contacted me just to say hi, and it brought tears to my eyes. Friends are what my life, my home and my coffee shop are all about, I cannot imagine my life without you all," said Tony, when asked about what motivates him to run the coffee shop.

Tony’s describes the cakes and coffees served at the small establishment: "We do Chocolate........from liquid, rich and creamy Hot Chocolates, to solid, wicked, meltingly delicious, moan-inducing Chocolate Whisky Cake with all the stages in-between covered too, like our Chocolate and Mousse Gateaux, or maybe a Cheesecake, then again, maybe it's the finger-licking Chocolate Custard on the Orange coconut cake that you like."

Graham Mellors said this about the coffee shop: "Visited the coffee shop today and lovely place--had cheese cake it was divine and nothing compares to it … Will surely be back for more … "

Another happy tourist Darrin Mercer had nothing but praise: "If you like cake, it’s worth traversing the globe to visit this place."

Memory Maunze, a local, said: "The delicious, mouth-filling cakes and tea at Tony's Coffee Shop are just amazing. I loved the location, their service, shop environment and the scenery too!"

Tony has published a recipe book titled My Heart on my Sleeve.