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Thu, 21 Nov 2019 00:23 GMT

UN Chief Urges World Leaders to Take Action in Climate Summit


7Dnews London

Sun, 22 Sep 2019 09:54 GMT

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will preside over a UN emergency summit on Monday, two days after the world has celebrated the International Day of Peace with Climate Action for Peace as its main theme, AFP reported on Sunday September 22nd.

Speaking about rising temperatures, Guterres recently told journalists, "My main objective is to make as much noise as I can."

In the UN Climate Action Summit, the UN chief will seek greater commitments from the world leaders to comply with the 2015 Paris Agreement in order to avert the alarmingly increasing global warming by enhancing their nationally determined contributions and reducing gas emissions. Mobilising the globe's leaders against climate change is paramount in the eyes of Guterres, who often mentions not wanting to leave his grandchildren a ruined planet.

"I want to hear about how we are going to stop the increase in emissions by 2020, and dramatically reduce emissions to reach net-zero emissions by mid-century," Guterres told reporters.

It comes days after the Youth Climate Action Summit which was held in the UN headquarters on Saturday to mark the International Day of Peace, where some 500 young activists and entrepreneurs were invited to take part.

On his account on Twitter, the 70-year-old hailed the summit and the young participant's enthusiasm to take action to curb climate change.

"Young people are the ones forcing the climate action. Millions of you have made your voices heard," Guterres wrote. "You have real power and will not take no for an answer."

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