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VeryNile: Cleaning the Nile, One Kilo at a Time


7Dnews Cairo

Wed, 25 Dec 2019 08:24 GMT

VeryNile is the first initiative to develop large scale means to clean the Nile while raising awareness of the importance of protecting our environment. VeryNile organises cleaning events and develops eco-friendly solutions to remove trash from the river.

VeryNile is a joint venture between two Egyptian Start-ups, Greenish and Bassita.


Under this slogan, the initiative attracts hundreds of young men and women to take part in their expanding events all year around. In 2019, VeryNile organised seven cleaning and awareness events within six governorates including Cairo and Giza, gathering more than 1000 volunteers.

Cleaning and Awareness Boat

On December 19th, while celebrating its one-year anniversary, VeryNile launched VeryNile 1, a renovated fisherman’s boat. Developed in collaboration with civil engineers, the VeryNile boat will remove trash from the Nile while raising awareness of ways to better protect our environment. Equipped with solar panels, windmills, electric motor and peddles, it will travel from Aswan to the Mediterranean Sea for six months to conduct awareness workshops in cities and villages around the Nile. Workshops will reach 20,000 beneficiaries.

VeryNile 1 will allow volunteers to clean the Nile on a daily basis and to reach areas that are only accessible with a small boat.

On the banks of the River Nile, 7DNews cameras went to one of the VeryNile events, we came across several young men and women, rolling up their sleeves and cleaning the Nile waters

We asked them several questions about who they are, what they’re doing, what inspired them to do that and what they hope to achieve in the future.

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