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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Vote of No Confidence in US Congress


7Dnews Washington DC

Sat, 17 Aug 2019 13:39 GMT

According to a poll carried out by Associated Press, 85% of Americans are not happy with the US Congress, the legislative body of the federal government, and believe that they could do a better job. Democrats found Congress to be unfavourable at 89%, while Republicans were following right behind at 82%.

The United States Congress was established in 1789 and was created to try to ensure that each state could have equal representation, which would then attempt to eliminate the abuse of power amongst people. There are two chambers, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, whose members are chosen by direct election. So that Americans have a voice through Congress, to speak and act on legislative issues.  

The primary function of Congress is to pass laws. These are laws that all Americans must follow. The Congress members are typically members of the two political parties, Republicans and Democrats, with a small number of either independents or members of a third party. 

Both chambers of Congress meet in the magnificent United States Capitol building in Washington, DC, a national icon in the nation’s capital. 

But recently there has been turmoil between the two major political parties, both becoming the focus for criticism in the media. And currently, President Donald Trump is complaining nonstop that Democrats are rejecting all his bills. On the other hand, the Democrats are expressing their disapproval of the president’s legislative programme. And now, what with rows between Congress and the president, the voters, the American people, seem to be forgotten. 

According to research done by the Congressional Institute, it is said that one of the main problems as to why Americans are not currently in favour of Congress, is due to a hardening of partisan attitudes. And, where the interests of the people are not being taken into consideration, in their view. There is also concern among voters about particular branches of the government having too much power. 

It is believed by participators in the poll that the lawmakers are not paying enough attention to people’s needs, but are instead in favour of concentrating on re-election, so it is political donors and the elite, who can aid this, who get the legislators’ attention. And when it comes to getting things done. 60% percent of Americans said that they would replace the entire Congress, if possible.

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