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Washington DC: 22.8 Million Visitors Bring in $7.5 Billion

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7dnews Washington

Thu, 08 Aug 2019 09:49 GMT

Washington, DC hosts around 22.8 million visitors each year, bringing in approximately $7.5 billion in visitor spending every year, according to tourism organisation Destination DC.

Tourists are the largest group of visitors to the nation’s capital, with 59% being total visitors, and the remaining 41% coming for business reasons, particularly to the centre of policy and government.

When breaking down the estimates, 6% of visitors come for education purposes, 9% on business, 12% for conventions, 18% to visit friends and family, and 55% visit specifically for vacation.

The 68 square miles of DC continues to attract hundreds and thousands of overseas visitors. China led other nations with 302,000 visitors. These 302,000 visitors comprised 15% of all international visitors, followed by the United Kingdom, South Korea, and India.

According to global information provider IHS Markit, tourists and visitors to Washington, DC support about 75,000 local jobs. Additionally, without the money from visitors, DC would need to collect an estimated average of $2,656 per year in local taxes from over 300,000 households to make up the difference.

Interestingly enough, despite the increase in visitors, DC hotel occupancy and the average daily rate of hotel rooms has dropped slightly. Hotel occupancy for the average daily rate was down 5.3% to $221 for a room per night.

On average, local domestic travellers stay overnight for about three nights and overseas travellers about six nights.

Most visitors to Washington DC are spending approximately $200-400 a day, or about $1000-1500 a week. This is excluding hotel spending and is mainly spent on food, sightseeing tours to local monuments, museums viewing, and entertainment.

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