Woman sues NYC Mayor Eric Adams alleging 1993 sex assault

A lawsuit filed in a New York state court on Monday alleges that back in 1993, Eric Adams, who was then a colleague of the plaintiff, demanded sexual favors from her in exchange for assistance with a job promotion. Lorna Beach-Mathura, a civilian employee of the city Transit Police, claims that when she refused, Adams exposed himself and forcefully groped her. The lawsuit further contends that Adams then proceeded to masturbate in front of her. Seeking unspecified damages, Beach-Mathura names Adams, the city of New York, the New York City Transit Police, the Guardians Association, and three other entities in her lawsuit.

Beach-Mathura expresses her dismay at Adams’ behavior, especially given his public image as an advocate for justice and equality, as well as his position within the Guardians Association. Adams, however, denies these allegations, stating that they are outrageous and expects to be vindicated in court. Additionally, Adams’ representatives claim that his role in the NYPD at the time would not have afforded him influence over civilian promotions.

In response to Adams’ denial, Beach-Mathura’s lawyer emphasizes her client’s courage in coming forward despite the personal challenges she may face. The lawsuit provides detailed allegations of the encounter between Beach-Mathura and Adams, stating that she felt frightened given his position as a police officer and the presence of firearms in his vehicle.

Following the incident, Beach-Mathura sought assistance from the Guardians for a job promotion but received no help. Despite informing several individuals about the assault over the years, she refrained from formally reporting it due to fear of retaliation from Adams and the Guardians.

The lawsuit comes in light of the New York Adult Survivors Act, which allows adult sexual assault survivors to sue irrespective of the statute of limitations. This law has led to legal actions against various prominent figures, including former President Donald Trump and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Trump was recently found liable for sexual abuse and defamation, while Combs settled a lawsuit accusing him of rape and abuse. Both Trump and Combs have denied any wrongdoing.