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Anti-doping group Calls WADA Compromised


7Dnews London

Sun, 23 Sep 2018 15:29 GMT

A leading anti-doping group said that the decision to reinstate Russia’s drug-fighting operation RUSADA is a sign the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) leaders are saddled with “conflicting priorities.”

The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organizations said in a statement on Friday September 21st that members of the WADA executive committee had pressures surrounding the decision that went beyond doping.

The committee voted 9-2 on Thursday September 20th to end RUSADA's suspension after weakening the standards originally agreed upon for reinstatement.

As reported by AP, the statement said, “This is not good governance, nor does it reflect a good governance model. WADA must be an effective and resolute global anti-doping regulator and governor — exclusively."

Among the conditions WADA originally set for RUSADA's reinstatement were that Russia accept the findings of the McLaren Report. That was changed to a requirement Russia accept the IOC's Schmid Report, which put less emphasis on the Russian government's role in the cheating.

Speaking to AP, McLaren said the decision cost WADA any leverage it had over Russia.

McLaren commented, “They have been rushed into a decision which they may regret, given the outbursts of the athletes around the world.”

The other change in the roadmap allows Russia until December 31st to turn over lab samples and data, instead of demanding possession before reinstatement.