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Italy’s New Law - Defending Women and Children from Violence

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Roberto Tumbarello

Wed, 31 Jul 2019 12:44 GMT

The new criminal law for the protection of women and minors, often the victims of violence in Italy, is called “Codice Rosso” (the Red Code). It was approved by a large majority in the Senate.The Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code are thus amended to facilitate faster investigations and aggravate prison sentences for crimes against the weakest. These unfortunately happen largely within the home. 

Italian women now hope that other European coutries will also take on the initiative to protect women and children from sexual harassment and violence by increasing penalties. 

The category of crimes have also been extended; not only is it concerned with stalkers and rapists, but also those who take revenge in response to women's refusal and abandonment, publish intimate images without consent. A new addition to criminal offense categories; forced marriage.

"With this law now the state speaks out, that women in Italy must not be touched”, said the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede. 

The left wing, on the other hand, voted against contesting the lack of economic resources for the implementation of the new law and the lengthy processes, which, without an adequate reduction in time, nullify its effects. 

However, the law speeds up the procedure of interventions because it states that the prosecutor's office is obliged to start the investigations within 72 hours of the violence act occurring and being reported. Perpetrators face up to 10 years of imprisonment.  

If harassment and ill-treatment occur in the family, imprisonment goes up to 7 years. Permanent injuries to women scarred by cutting weapons or disfigurement with acid carries a sentence of up to 14 years. If, then, the victim should die, the penalty of life imprisonment is triggered.  

The compulsion to marry foresees up to 5 years of imprisonment. While the porn revenge is punished with a fine of up to 15 thousand euros and imprisonment of up to 6 years. The same penalty is provided for those who spread the intimate images received. Up to 3 years is the penalty for those who violate prohibition or restraining order from approaching the offended person. So far most of the women killed by former partners, husbands and boyfriends – a hundred victims each year – were not really protected by the measures taken by the magistrate. 

The last victim, a few days ago in Savona, Liguria, a 34-year-old woman wrote the story of her life foreseeing the tragic epilogue by her husband from whom she wanted a divorce. "When you read this book – she wrote – I will already be dead". 

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