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Tuesday 20th March 2018

10 Afghan Government Workers Wounded in Kabul Minibus Bombing

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7Dnews London

Mon, 27 May 2019 09:42 GMT

Afghan officials say 10 people were wounded when a sticky bomb attached to a minibus carrying government workers detonated in the capital of Kabul, according to AP. Police spokesperson, Ferdus Faramarz, says one of the wounded is in critical condition.

Arab Haidari, of the religious affairs ministry, said all the wounded are ministry employees who were on their way to work when the explosion took place on Monday morning, May 27th. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack but both the Taliban and Isis militants regularly stage attacks in Kabul.

The bombing comes a day after gunmen shot and killed a prominent religious scholar, Mawlavi Shabir Ahmad Kamawi, in Kabul on May 26th. Last week, a mosque bombing killed another religious scholar during the Friday prayers sermon on May 24th, also in Kabul.