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Tue, 21 Jan 2020 05:07 GMT

24 Civilians Killed by Unidentified Gunmen in Northern Mali


Modibo Kane Diallo - 7Dnews Bamako

Tue, 02 Oct 2018 07:55 GMT

Unidentified gunmen on motorcycles have killed 24 people at Amalaoulaou, a small camp in Mali's northern region of Gao. The attack happened on Sunday September 30th  when up to 30 gunmen "fired on everything that moved" , in the words of one local official.

The latest attack came just five days after violent inter-communal clashes among Tuaregs near the northeastern border with Niger, in which 27 people were killed. The next day an explosive device killed 7 soldiers and one civilian in central Mali according to statements from the Ministries of Civil Protection and National Defense. In total, 59 Malians were killed in just one week.

A statement from the Supreme Council of Tuareg and Allies called on the government of Mali, and all armed groups in the north of the country, to "take responsibility for the protection of the civilian population and use every means to block the road for terrorists."

The Council, chaired by a high-ranking officer in the Malian army, Major General El Hadj Ag Gamou, drew attention to “ the serious deterioration of the socio-security situation and the resulting serious human rights abuses ,.... the inexorable growth in the number of mass killings and unjustified and unclaimed targeted killings….the shortcomings of national and international forces to ensure the protection of persons and properties".