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Mon, 16 Dec 2019 02:37 GMT

Brush Up Your Skills: The Future Needs You!

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Aigul Minabutdinova

Sat, 10 Aug 2019 13:53 GMT

How skilled are you? The 45th World Skills Competition in Kazan, Russia, aims to test just that for those under 25, over six sectors, including creative arts, technology, and social skills, which will be held from August 22nd to 27 in Kazan, Russia.

World Skills World Championship for Professional Excellence is a global competition for different skills, where young professionals under the age of 25 fight for the title of best master in their profession

More than 1,400 young professionals from 63 countries and regions will compete in 56 skills at the championship in Kazan. About 1,300 experts will evaluate them. The entrance to the World Skills events is free. An electronic invitation ticket will be booked before the attendance to the event.

Skills are grouped into six sectors such as transportation and logistics; creative arts and fashion; social and personal services; manufacturing and engineering technology; information and communication technology; and construction and building technology.

International competitions, according to WorldSkills standards, allow youth to compete with each other, adopt the best practices and learn how to become the best in their chosen craft.

Moreover, education, training and participation in the world championship of working professions are comparable to four to five years of professional training, said the organisers.

Kazan received the right to host the 45th World Championships Professional Skills Championship, according to the WSI General Assembly vote in Sao Paulo, Brazil on August 10th, 2015.

The mascots of the Championship are the boy Almaz and the girl Altyn, two young professionals who excel in all areas of science, technology and art, and have all the necessary skills to succeed.

The talismans represent youth, skill, intellect and friendship. The hope is that they inspire everyone with their example, and aim to carry out the slogan of the championship, "The future is in your hands."