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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Brussels Seminar: Radical Islamic Ideologies Threaten Europe


7Dnews London

Fri, 30 Nov 2018 14:19 GMT

"The Mirage is a unique intellectual experience in the face of extremist Islamic ideologies” - Koen Metsu

"Extremist Islamic Ideologies are a menace to immigrants” - Anna Saura 

"Muslim Brotherhood is the prime sponsor of religious extremism, supported by Turkey and Qatar” - Johan Holm 

"The Mirage reflects reality and symbolises the illusion extremists live under” - Ibrahim Litos 

In the context of European efforts to combat extremism and terrorism, the Paris-based European Press Society for the Arab World, in cooperation with the Geopolitical Research & Analysis Centre, organised a seminar titled "Intellectual Efforts Countering Extremist Islamic Ideologies". The seminar was held in the Belgian Federal Parliament in Brussels.

The seminar hosted a number of politicians, diplomats, authors and European counterterrorism experts including Koen Metsu, head of the Counter-terrorism Commission in the Belgian Parliament, and Anna Saura, Spanish Parliament Member and an official speaker on the International Cooperation and Development Committee. The seminar was also attended by the Swedish author Johan Holm, Jean Valer Paldakino, the head of the Geopolitical Research and Analysis Center in Paris and Dr Ibrahim Litos, professor of Islamic Science at Antwerp University. The seminar was shown a documentary on his book "Mirage" by HE Dr Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi, the general director of the Emirates Center of Strategic Studies and Research in Abu Dhabi. 

At the seminar, Koen Metsu said the terrorist menace stemming from extremist Islamic groups was not over yet. He said Europe was facing a number of threats, most notably the return of extremist fighters from conflict zones outside Europe. In his opinion raising awareness was of crucial importance, a role that should be played by counterterrorism thinkers and experts. 

In this regard, Metsu commended “Mirage" by HE Dr Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi, considering it "a unique intellectual experience that curbs the proliferation of such ideologies." He encouraged attendees to read the book, saying that more writers should follow in the footsteps of HE Dr Al Suwaidi to raise awareness of the danger of religious radicalism.

Anna Saura from Spain expressed concern about spreading fundamental Islamic ideologies among young people, especially immigrants, whom European countries were failing to merge into their social fabric. She pointed to the importance of exerting intellectual efforts to combat radical ideologies and hailed “Mirage", describing it as a great example of a book that should be studied.

For his part, the Swedish author and publisher Fisterholm said extremist Islamic organisations, especially the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), posed a serious threat to Europe. "The MB is responsible for spreading such radical thoughts and ideologies and it is beyond doubt that Qatar and Turkey are the prime sponsors of the MB, as they offer absolute support to this terrorist organisation which considers Ankara the seat of the alleged Islamic Caliphate." 

In the same context, the Swedish author reiterated that such extremist groups had infiltrated Europe, specifically Sweden where their presence was much felt in mosques and societies supported by Turkey. Holm also shed light on the importance of "The Mirage" as a comprehensive book that suggested appropriate solutions for the spread of such radical Islamic groups.

The academic researcher Dr Ibrahim Litos, professor of Islamic Sciences at Antwerp University, discussed the grave danger which such ideologies could pose to Europe and called on activists and concerned authorities to join hands to stand up to such threats. "There should be an alternative for such groups and their ideas, especially those that have enough funds to creep into European countries." Dr Litos called on politicians to face up to those huge propaganda efforts used to recruit young people to such armed networks. He also stressed the importance of studying HE Dr Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi's book whose title reflected the illusion which those extremist groups lived under and which doesn't represent the true message of Islam.

The head of the Paris-based Geopolitical Research and Analysis Center, Jean Valeer Paldakino, said extremist Islamist terrorism posed an enormous threat to the European community as it had become a tangible reality. "This threat should first be combated intellectually, then by offering aid and advice to European governments to formulate integrated policies that can achieve social and economic stability." He said HE Dr Jamal Sanad Al Suwaidi’s book was a key reference to help in awareness campaigns against the danger of extremist Islamic groups.