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Camera Aside, There Is Nothing Really Pro about the New iPhone Pro: MKBHD

Science & Technology

Ahmed Agour

Wed, 11 Sep 2019 16:42 GMT

At $699, Apple’s new iPhone 11 is a budget model just like the 10XR, the company’s most popular phone, while the new Pro iPhone targets camera enthusiasts, Marques Brownlee said on Tuesday September 11th in his pre-review videos for the two models.

However, the main feature in the iPhone 11 is also the camera. It has almost the same design as the 10R as well as the same screen, the faster processor will probably not make a significant difference outside of benchmark programs.

The iPhone 11 sports one 12MP regular camera and another 12MP ultra-wide lens camera, both can shoot HDR videos at 4k 60fps, but they do not look that great on the back of the phone. The selfie camera is also 12MP now. Brownlee said the iPhone 11 is not a complete upgrade but rather an “incremental, subtle” step forward.

The iPhone 11 Pro, on the other hand, is a great disappointment, other than for mobile photographers and people interested in shooting videos without professional equipment. Unless you are shooting lions and zebras in the savannah from 100 metres away, the iPhone Pro’s triple - normal, telephoto, and ultra-wide - cameras, all shooting 4k at 60fps, will be more than enough for everyday vlogging and picture-taking.

The above said, there is nothing really pro about the Pro iPhone 11, “there is no reverse wireless charging, no 120fps screen, no USB type c, no Apple pencil support, and no on-screen finger ID,” Brownlee pointed out with frustration.

The lack of anything ‘pro’ to distinguish the Pro iPhone stands out because with the new iPad OS, Apple really separated, not just iPad pro models, but even the regular iPads from all other tablets on the market and iPads running iOS12.

If you’re not a vlogger or a mobile photographer, skip the new iPhones.

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