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Tue, 10 Dec 2019 03:20 GMT

China Urges US to Quit Interfering in Hong Kong


7Dnews London

Mon, 05 Aug 2019 16:47 GMT

The Chinese Foreign Ministry, in a statement released on Monday August 5th, urged America to quit interfering in incidents taking place in Hong Kong, adding that China supports the one country two states system, reported Reuters.

The statement added that no country should downplay China’s ability to preserve stability in Hong Kong.

Demonstrators in Hong Kong moved to a luxury shopping district on the evening of Sunday, August 4th, as the 2-month-long protest movement showed no signs of easing after riot police used tear gas to clear out an area they were previously occupying.

Protesters squeezed out of a subway station in Causeway Bay, clad in yellow helmets and black face masks, with a few people directing traffic and others holding open the turnstiles, according to AFP.

The protesters made their move after police fired tear gas, now a regular occurrence at the demonstration, in another district on Hong Kong Island.

However, the police used more tear gas on the protesters at Causeway Bay. The tear gas subdued most of the crowd, but some protesters resisted by throwing the canisters back at officers and hurling eggs and other objects. Some jeered "Gangsters!" at the police line.

Demonstrators debated whether they could feasibly defend the area or if they should migrate to another district, as they had been doing throughout the night. Some passers-by were caught in the fray and angrily yelled at protesters.