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Coachella Festival, The Fashion Choices

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Hannah Bardsley - 7DNews London

Thu, 25 Apr 2019 09:10 GMT

Sequins! Sequins everywhere. But not a flower crown in sight. Coachella, the music festival to begin all the music festivals, has come and gone. The spring desert party that’s far more mainstream than summer’s Burning Man, and nowhere near as outlandish in clothing design, but still quite out there...

The event, which ran from April 12th to 21st, boasts a large and ever popular line up. Ariana Grande headlined this year, with Childish Gambino and indie artist Soccer Mommy making up just a few of the jam-packed, celebrity-filled spots. Their voices and performances moving the dust in California’s Colorado Desert.  

Coachella is technically about the music. (And showmanship, thank you very much Beyoncé’s 2018 Homecoming performance.) But the festival is also a closely watched fashion event where celebrities and attendees alike may find themselves splashed on the front of newspapers, in the pages of magazines and rocking a best dressed list.  

Coachella is the Oscars of the festival world, the equivalent of the Paris fashion week for partying ware. What will you be donning for your nights spent dancing on a Majorcan beach, or wearing underneath your raincoat at Glastonbury? Well, you’ll be wearing whatever they wore at Coachella.  

There are a few notable trends this year. And by notable, I mean obvious and glaring because the first thing to know about 2019 festival fashion is that it is bold! Coachella already wasn’t a place for covering up, how the thousands of attendees avoid extreme sunburn I don’t know, but according to their perfectly posed Instagram posts, they seem to.  

There are no flower crowns, gone are the fairy-like dresses, and romantic frills no longer dance around the legs and midriffs of the attendees. For the female audiences the clothes can be divided into three categories: country girl chic, punk gothic, and unicorn.  

Unicorn? Yes, but if you have seen Coachella pictures before, and are aware of the current unicorn phase sweeping the world, (looking at you Brie Larson) this makes perfect sense. What do we mean by ‘unicorn?’ Well it is a look of bold colours, and glitter, a ton of glitter.  

Over the last few years glitter has been a staple of the festival world. Adorning faces in vivid shades of red, green, blue, and of course the classic silver. But now it has found its way back onto clothing. Covering bikinis, long boots, short shorts and one pieces.   

Sitting on the fence between ‘unicorn’ and country girl, fringe is back in. Two-piece outfits drip with it in singular bold colours and vibrantly shimmer fabric. While jackets, paired with safari felt hats, bring a feel of the Arizona desert to Coachella.   

Mesh is in, too. Which is going to make some amusing tan lines. But mesh is only really in for those sporting mono-colours. All black? Better stick some mesh over it! And if it is black, it can only be a netted mesh, adorned with silver or gold thread.  

White mesh can closely resemble lace. From netting to floral patterns, they are longer than their black counterparts, they fall past the midriff to the ground. Still boxy in style but a little more on the feminine side. A type of wearable macramé which isn’t suited to anywhere except Coachella and the beach.  

Makeup and face art took the side-lines this year, the focus being far more on clothes than dramatic eye colours, coupled with bold lip choices. There were of course a few diamanté decorated faces but on the whole the population gave these a miss. Neutral tones and matt colours were completely in vogue.

Understandable, as matt tones will quickly stop looking matt thanks to the clammy heat that accompanies hot deserts and dancing. There’s no need to add gloss, when you already have sweat…  

Overall, what can we expect for festival fashion this year? Bold, colourful and boxy, seem to be the watch words. And you may want to invest in some sun cream, too. 

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