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Colombia's Duque Announces 'National Conversation' After Protests


7Dnews London

Sat, 23 Nov 2019 01:12 GMT

Colombia's President on Friday November 22nd said he would launch a "national conversation" that seeks to "close the social gaps" starting next week, AFP reported.

This comes as thousands of Colombians have gathered in Bogota against government over corruption, the murder of human rights activists and alleged economic reforms.

President Ivan Duque said his planned initiative would "strengthen the current social policy agenda," adding that it would consider mediam-and long-term vision and would require "working in a united way".

Mayor of Colombia's Bogota on Friday November 22nd ordered a curfew for the capital in light of the mass protests, followed by acts of sporadic looting and clashes.

Three people were killed on Thursday in light of protests which have witnessed the participation of over 250,000 persons, according to Reuters.