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Dutch Police Arrest Protesters at Amsterdam Schiphol Demo


7Dnews London

Sat, 14 Dec 2019 16:46 GMT

Dozens of climate police protesters Saturday December 14th were arrested by Amsterdam border police at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport during a demonstration aimed at forcing the busy international air hub to adopt a plan to curb greenhouse emissions.

Gendarmes started emptying the busy Schiphol Plaza from protesters, as a group of between 100 and 150 climate activists had gathered with posters and shouting slogans, Daily Mail reported.

TV footages showed one protester chaining himself to a pillar during the unauthorised rally inside the shopping mall that leads to the arrivals and departures terminals of the airport.

At least 20 police officers had watched the protesters before arresting them and leading them to buses parked outside among clapping and cheers, AFP reported.

Following the arrest of protesters, Dutch border police said in a tweet that the protesters were "being relocated". Dutch media reported the group was being taken outside the Haarlemmermeer municipal boundary where Schiphol is located.

"The first bus with protesters has left," said the Royal Dutch police responsible for airport and border safety.

Amsterdam's AT5 television news showed protesters also gathering outside Schiphol airport for a legal protest under the eye of Dutch police, some on horsebacks

Protesters waved banners reading "Tax the plane, take the train" and "Shrink aviation".