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Wed, 13 Nov 2019 14:26 GMT

European Elections: UK Votes Based on Brexit


7Dnews London

Wed, 22 May 2019 19:58 GMT

The UK is participating in the 2019 European Parliament elections after the British parliament could not agree on a Brexit deal in time to avoid having to elect members to the European Parliament for the next five years.

British Prime Minister Theresa May had been hoping that Parliament would approve a Brexit deal by May 22nd and that the UK would not have to take part in the elections but it was confirmed in early May that voting would take place in the UK.

With the election date set for Thursday May 23rd, Brexit remains the key issue for British voters. Where parties have positioned themselves on the topic during their European election campaign is the main motivator for voters, who decide which box to check on the polling card.

The opposing sides of the Brexit debate were physically close in the form of two people who spoke to 7Dnews outside the Houses of Parliament in central London on May 22nd. Their stances, however, could not be further apart.

“Vote either Brexit or UKIP,” exclaimed Leave supporter Hazel, when asked about her advice for voters. “All the others are remoaners,” she added. Peter on the other hand, would like the UK to remain part of the European Union but is at the same time worried about the divide already created in the country and Europe as a whole.

He urged people to vote for a party with fundamental democratic principles and ideas on “how to tackle the huge inequalities that there are in virtually every country in Europe.”

In any case, whichever way you are leaning, the first step is to go and vote at all, reminded Silvia, another interviewee. “Go vote, because if you don’t vote you cannot complain. Do not assume that politics do not affect your life,” she said.

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