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Four Killed in Shooting Near Mexico's Presidential Palace

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7Dnews London

Sun, 08 Dec 2019 10:24 GMT

Four people were shot dead and two injured on Saturday December 7th in the Mexican capital close to the National Palace, the official residence of the president, AP has reported.

Officials said a man entered a building near the Palace and urinated in the courtyard which provoked the residents. He pulled out a pistol and began shooting, hitting five people.

When police arrived at the scene of the crime, they found four people with gunshot wounds lying in the building's courtyard, and one police officer managed to kill the shooter.

One of three people who sustained injuries died while being taken to hospital.

More than 100 police officers rapidly arrived and cordoned off the street, according to television images.

As reported by Reuters, the building is located in a narrow, pedestrian-only street that opens onto an entrance of the National Palace used daily by government staff and reporters.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was travelling outside of Mexico City on Saturday when the shooting took place.

Lopez Obrador moved into the centuries-old National Palace amid the bustle of Mexico City's historic centre in order to turn the posh Los Pinos presidential residence into a cultural centre.