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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Libyan National Army Close to Take Tripoli- Spokesperson Say


7Dnews London

Mon, 15 Apr 2019 23:16 GMT

The Libyan National Army (LNA) official Spokesperson, Major General Ahmed al-Mesmari said that the LNA troops have made impressive progress in Tripoli battle.

The troops are positioned in strategic locations near the center of Tripoli and so close to end the ongoing battle to take the city, added al-Mesmari during a press conference on Monday April 15th.

He said that their ground forces are ‘‘moving in seven axes’’ and are ‘‘approaching the centre of the capital Tripoli, especially through the Ain Zara axis’’. He noted: ‘‘So far we have not registered any humanitarian breaches by our forces’’.

‘‘Good progress is being made in Salah Al-Deen and Kremia axes.Battles are ongoing around the clock with no stop. We expect in the coming few hours that there will be the eighth axis’’, al-Mesmari said according to Libya Herald.

Al-Mesmari said: “some Libya parties selling their country”, adding that the LNA troops are ready to fight back all the plots against Libya.

Al-Mesmari pointed out that the armed militias targeted neighborhoods full of residents in Tripoli with rockets. The military spokesperson added that despite the ongoing battle the LNA is so close to finalising the fight in its favor.

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