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Melania Trump Ahead of Africa Trip


7Dnews London - AP

Mon, 01 Oct 2018 21:04 GMT

First lady Melania Trump opened her first-ever visit to Africa, aiming to make child well-being the focus of a five-day, four-country tour. Departing on Monday October 1st, she starts her big solo international trip on Tuesday in Ghana in West Africa, followed by stops in Malawi in the South, Kenya in the East and Egypt in the Northeast.

Child welfare is a top issue for Mrs Trump, the mother of a 12-year-old son. She focuses on the issue in the United States through an initiative she launched this year named "Be Best." This week's trip will mark her first extended period promoting the programme and its goals abroad, separate from an event she held during a stop in London with the president in July.

Days before the first lady was to board a US government airplane for the flight across the Atlantic, Trump declared at the United Nations that he and his wife "love Africa." Mrs Trump's five days on the continent will feature a mix of visits to hospitals, schools and shelters as she focuses on the well-being of children.

As reported by AP, the Africa programme director at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Judd Devermont, claimed, “She’s got some heavy lifting to do on this trip and it is a little bit unfair because that is not what a first lady's trip should be about.”

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