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Metallica Live with Symphony Again

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Tue, 10 Sep 2019 14:42 GMT

American heavy metal veterans Metallica performed orchestrally arranged renditions of some of their most iconic songs with the San Francisco Symphony at the inauguration of Chase Centre (Golden State Warriors’ new home) on Sunday September 10th, Blabbermouth reported.

In 1999, Metallica played live with the symphony at the Berkeley Community Theatre, which gave us the album ‘S&M’ (Symphony & Metallica).

Sunday’s concert, conducted by Edwin Outwater with a special appearance by Michael Tilson Thomas, will be commemorated with the film ‘S&M2’, which will hit international theatres on October 9th.

Metallica’s late bass guitarist Cliff Burton got a tribute in the form of his song ‘Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)’, from Metallica's debut album ‘Kill ‘Em All’, played as a solo by the Symphony bassist Scott Pingel. The iconic piece is one of the hardest songs to play on the electric bass guitar. Some 16,000 fans attended the show.

Last week, Lars Ulrich, Metallica’s drummer since the band’s inception, said the most difficult thing about playing with the symphony is "not being completely ***** intimidated by all these incredible players and incredible musicians.

"We do what we do and some even accuse us of being semi-good at it," he explained. "And that's sort of our niche. But I believe that any musician will always have a tremendous amount of respect and humility around other players and other people who excel at their particular niche or particular craft.

"I take it very seriously that I am, for better or worse, the anchor of the whole thing. And you just want to be on top of your game and really focused."

Ulrich is by no means a technically proficient musician, nor are the other current members of Metallica. The band, however, are masters of sound and spectacle. In rock and metal music sound also means melodies and vocals. Bands like Alice in Chains and AC/DC did not create complicated compositions but have produced inimitably aggressive, beautifully vicious songs. The Beatles also come to mind; their songs are simple but absolutely impossible to copy. Bands like Deep Purple, Eloy, and Dream Theatre stand in contrast to this.

Metallica is known for war songs like ‘Disposable Heroes’ and tracks about the anger and frustration of males in their thirties like ‘St. Anger’ and ‘Frantic.

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