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Wed, 11 Dec 2019 14:47 GMT

New NGO ‘Educators Without Borders’ Launches in Geneva

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Jenna Kleinwort - 7Dnews London

Thu, 11 Jul 2019 16:49 GMT

A non-governmental organisation (NGO) with a focus on education in developing countries has just opened its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. At a press conference on Thursday July 11th, a group of professionals, in the field of education with a strong commitment to humanitarian aid and social development, launched their NGO “Educators without borders” (EWB) at a press conference held in Geneva.

EWB puts a sense of social responsibility into action and aims, through the provision of education, to make a positive contribution to the lives of those deprived of education, such as children affected and displaced by conflict, humanitarian crisis and natural disasters.

The chairwoman of EWB, Dr Karima Matar Al Mazroui, pointed out that the level of education in a country reflects its social and political stability. The education provided by EWB is, therefore, aimed at bringing about a benefit to the social development and political progress of the targeted countries and societies.

EWB hopes to attract and recruit international volunteers to join their mission that are either abroad or already in the developing countries. The educational services provided in the program will be tailored to the specific needs of children and designed individually according to the situation in different developing countries. In every case, what is taught is what is needed.

Furthermore, the educational approach that the organisation takes is holistic and focuses on the education of children, parents and teachers. This approach can make a fundamental change in knowledge, attitudes and skills. Through providing knowledge and skills sets, the most vulnerable of society can be empowered and become independent.

The agenda of the NGO with its commitment to education falls in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. It especially ties in with achieving the fourth SDG, which is universal access to proper schooling and the promotion of lifelong learning by 2030.

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