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NZ Soldiers Start Retrieving Bodies of Volcano Eruption Victims


7Dnews London

Thu, 12 Dec 2019 21:18 GMT

A number of elite soldiers in New Zealand on Friday December 13th landed on the White Island, a volcanic island, to recover the bodies of the victims who were killed in a volcano eruption last Monday, AFP reported.

Deputy commissioner John Tims said the team of soldiers had landed on the island, amid present threats of another volcano eruption.

The White Island eruption officially killed eight people and left many others missing, according to police.

Civil Defence Emergency Director Sarah Stuart-Black on Wednesday December 11th said the duty to recover the bodies of the victims could not be undertaken so far due to the “too high” risk.

"Every day that passes with those bodies unrecovered is a day of anguish for their loved ones... but right now, the science tells us that the risk is just too high," Stuart-Black said.