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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Providing Sustainable Healthcare to Syrian Refugees


7Dnews London

Tue, 09 Apr 2019 13:53 GMT

The charity organisation Endless Medical Advantage (EMA) was founded in response to the ongoing health crisis that Syrian refugees face in settlements across Lebanon. EMA tackles the issue of sustainable health care and employs Syrian refugee health care professionals who otherwise would have great difficulty in finding jobs in their specialities in their host countries. 

Dr Hadia Aslam, a general practitioner and consultant in healthcare system development in aid settings, purchased a van to deploy a mobile health service in order to reach remote areas where health care services are non-existent. She wanted to develop an organisation which does not rely entirely on foreign volunteers.

Refugees are unable to afford health care in the largely private health care sector in Lebanon and they need advocates such as trained professionals who can triage their medical problems, treat them if needed or refer them to specialists who are able to offer low cost treatment. There is a huge demand for such projects. Dr Hadia Aslam and Dr Feras Al Ghadban are the founders of this small organisation, which runs on donations from an active GoFundMe website. 

The social network Facebook has been instrumental in giving this highly effective organisation a platform to showcase its efficiency. 

EMA treats adults and children in a general practice type set up. They register chronic diseases for approximately 25,000 refugee communities. They also provide health instruction programmes in schools for Syrian and Lebanese children from vulnerable communities.