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Revived ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Clash with Police in Nantes


7Dnews London - Reuters

Sun, 15 Sep 2019 00:08 GMT

Hundreds of "yellow vest" protestors clashed with police in a tense stand-off in the French city of Nantes on Saturday, September 14th, as they resume their movements against the government of President Emmanuel Macron, according to Reuters.

In response, police fired tear gas after some protesters threw projectiles, and 21 people had been arrested according to a spokesman with the local prefecture.

Groups of black-clad protesters were trying to break into shops, meanwhile police trucks carrying water cannons were seen arriving on scene.

Named after motorists' high-visibility jackets, the yellow vest protests began over fuel tax increases and morphed into a sometimes-violent revolt against Macron and a government they see as out of touch.

The protests rocked Macron's presidency, and he eventually unveiled nearly 17 billion euros ($18.8 billion) in wage boosts and tax cuts for low earners to quell the protests. He vowed to better address voters' grievances after months of town-hall debates.

Despite attracting 282,000 people nationwide at the first day of protests on November 17th, their numbers had fallen sharply by last spring, and only sporadic protests were seen over the summer.

Parisian commuters faced travel woes on Friday as metro workers went on strike over plans to reduce their retirement privileges.