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Stories of Mothers for Mother’s Day

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Hannah Bardsley - 7DNews

Sun, 12 May 2019 08:11 GMT

My mum is the best mum in the world. End of discussion. However I am aware that a lot of people hold this view too. On Sunday May 12th the US, Australia, New Zealand, India, and various other countries throughout the world will be celebrating Mother’s Day. On May 26th, France and a few more countries will host their own festivities.

At 7DNews we want to celebrate Mother’s Day with stories of motherhood, and the ties between mother and children. These anonymous stories have been shared with 7DNews. They are stories of motherhood, sacrifice and appreciation from all over the world. 

“My mum survived domestic abuse, from the age of fifteen until she was in her thirties. When I was younger I used to think, 'just leave' or 'don't provoke' and as I got older I realised all the things she lived through, she did largely to spare me. I never used to understand the choices she made, until I was old enough to understand what it's like to have people's lives affected by your choices. My mum taught me that being a strong woman plays out differently in different circumstances.” 

“I am a surviving child of four. My mother gave birth to twins who were stillborn, she was 17. Then she had me at 18, the following year she gave birth to my sister who lived 24 hours. I don’t remember much of my childhood with her but I got the opportunity to live with her when I turned 17, yes I had issues, yes it was difficult but we worked through it. She lived only until she was 50. I had 21 years with her, five as a child, and 16 as an adult. She was an extremely intelligent woman but very childlike in behaviour. She was my oracle and fountain of knowledge and I’m grateful for her bravery.” 

“I talk to my mum almost every day, whether by text or phone. She’s helped me more than I can thank her for. We vent to each other, hope greatness for each other’s futures and I couldn’t wish for a better mum and best friend.” 

“My mother was placed in an orphanage with her two younger siblings in 1926. (She was six; her sister four and little brother two). The stories she told me of her childhood were always hilarious and full of love. She did get to visit her father fortnightly and her older siblings. Never a complaint for her life! Always a funny story and acted out! She never knew how to be a mother. She was the best. By the time I was six, she became a young widow in a new country. I have been blest by her example of kindness, generosity to others, service and love of God....her faith was inspiring. She passed away when the eldest of my four children was five months old. So I raised my children with no Oma. When I did become a grandmother, when I held my firstborn grandchild in my arms.... I heard my mother’s voice, as clear as, speaking in Dutch... “sweet child.” I so wanted to be an Oma, but I broke down and knew there was only ever one Oma, my darling mother. I have enjoyed, savoured and loved being a Nana for her.... every hug, every sleep over, every assembly, I do in honour of my darling mother... “Oma.” What a joy it is to be a mother, to be a grandmother. I rejoice in the life skills I have learned in the best role of mother.” 

A happy Mother’s Day to all. 

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