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Fri, 06 Dec 2019 02:51 GMT

Sudan's Military Council and Opposition Coalition Initial Political Accord


7Dnews London

Wed, 17 Jul 2019 08:52 GMT

A power-sharing political accord was initialled on Wednesday July 17th between Sudan’s military council and an alliance of opposition groups, live television showed, as part of a plan set to end up with forming a government of civilians, Reuters reported.

African mediators have witnessed the signing of the accord in Khartoum. Also, a constitutional declaration is expected to be issued later on Wednesday.

Ismail al-Taj, a leader in the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), a prominent member of Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), Sudan’s main opposition coalition, announced on Tuesday July 16th his group’s objection to granting military rulers absolute immunity, which the military council proposed in the draft constitutional document, Reuters reported.

"The immunity proposed by the military council in the draft constitutional document is an absolute immunity," Taj told a news conference in Khartoum, adding that "all the members of the FFC have agreed on the issue of immunity and to restrict it procedurally," Taj told reporters.

The deal reached between the Transitional Military Council and the FCC was signed in July, about two months after the ousting of former President Omar al-Bashir, but talks have continued to remove differences in the deal. It is based on power-sharing, with the aim of achieving a smooth transition in Sudan.

According to the deal, Sudan will hold democratic elections after a total of 39 months, as a military leader is set to lead the country in the first 21 months to be succeeded by a civilian leader for another 18 months.