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Sun, 08 Dec 2019 12:45 GMT

The UAE Celebrates a Prosperous Year on its 48th National Day


Nariman Mohammed

Tue, 03 Dec 2019 05:32 GMT

The United Arab Emirates is celebrating its 48th National Day on Monday, December 2nd, sharing a sense of pride and integrity to mark the union of the seven emirates. with stories of courage, about proud individuals who have shown resilience and uniqueness, in bearing challenges to stand united and full of faith, the UAE stands proud today.

In the event leading up to the celebration of the National Day, Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum shared a special video of a world record being set after the largest flag flown measuring 144.28m was unfolded in the sky as a proud gesture of celebration, as posted on his Twitter account

UAE President Celebrates a Year of Achievements

UAE president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has marked the national celebration by giving a comprehensive and inspiring statement to the 'Nation Shield', the UAE Armed Forces' magazine, where he started by highlighting that education, young people and human rights are the cornerstones of national development, stressing that the UAE Cabinet has issued a resolution to establish an education support fund, focusing on building skills, values, trends and exploring and developing talent.

Specifically adding that that the government is viewing Emiratisation "as a true measure for success", he clarified, "By Emiratisation, we do not mean the mechanism for employing nationals, but rather a tool for enabling."

He later praised the role of the founding fathers in the development of the country and projecting the long-anticipated image of development as planned years ago. He then announced that the UAE Supreme Council, the federal government, and local governments are working in close cooperation with each other to further implement policies and strategies into national plans, projects, programmes, and to inspire initiatives.

In light of the above, the president also noted that this cooperation was strongly reflected in the growing level of political empowerment, through raising the participation of Emirati women in the Federal National Council (FNC) to 50%, which has ensured the UAE’s place among advanced nations in terms of women’s parliamentary representation.

He then explained how the federal government have started, in coordination with local governments, to enforce an ambitious plan to build thousands of housing units around the country, stressing, “It has also adopted the ‘National Strategy for Quality of Life 2031’, which aims to create a more coherent community,” he said

President Sheikh Khalifa also addressed the cabinet approval of a national fund to support and train Emirati job seekers and ensure proper legal adjustments to assure that Emiratis in the private sector would receive a proper pension that matches their colleagues working for the public sector.

He then highlighted that the country has become a global economic force by allowing up to 100% foreign ownership of some companies operating in 13 sectors. And, later on, he praised the efforts done to reflect a global role model for tolerance in the ‘Year of Tolerance’.

Sheikh Khalifa then explained that the UAE has long adopted a foreign policy that is based on active engagement in international efforts to improve people’s lives, protect the environment, achieve sustainable development goals, and eliminate poverty, hunger, diseases, and illiteracy.

“Our foreign policy also encourages engagement in international efforts to counter terrorism and extremism and to support peaceful settlements. Our country has come a long way in promoting the culture of peace, providing aid and alleviating the suffering of the needy,” said Sheikh Khalifa.

President Sheikh Khalifa concluded his statements by showing appreciation for Emirati diplomacy, depicted in a fruitful collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and their efforts in maintaining the country’s image and sovereignty, praising the UAE for becoming the strongest passport in the world.

“We will continue our efforts to modernise our Armed Forces and develop their capabilities. We thank our soldiers and commanders for their dedication, and we thank the citizens and resident of the UAE for their support,” he added

Multiple Facets of Celebrations

As the National Day began to embrace the country, a sense of nationalism started to take form with the spirit of the union celebrated by government departments, private entities, schools and families. The UAE’s most prominent structure of all-time, Dubai's Burj Khalifa, was lit up with the colours of the UAE flag to mark the country's 48th National Day

According to Gulf News, an Emirates airline aircraft celebrated the day by appearing in a Year of Tolerance cloak, that formed the backdrop, as officials marked National Day at Dubai International Airport. Students and staff working for Bright Riders School took out a Peace Rally around Dubai Investment Park to spread the message of peace.

The Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors at Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), and other RTA officials, together with other prominent government figures attended the ‘Legacy of Ancestors’ programme launched in Dubai to commemorate and mark 48th National Day.

According to Khaleej Times, other images of celebrations have shown Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, performing a spectacular fly-past at Yas Marina Circuit on Monday December 1st in celebration of the UAE National Day.

Online Initiative Shares the Day with the World

In its bid to celebrate the 48th National Day, Google joined in with a special Google Doodle to mark the occasion. The logo, which is only viewable today, December 2nd, is an animated doodle of the UAE's flag, Khaleej Times reported.

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