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Turkish Press Review - July 23rd


Selam Ramadan

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 11:51 GMT

15 July 2019

Anna Yurt Newspaper: Where is the Report on Coup?

The paper touched upon the fact-finding committee of the Turkish parliament, which was founded after the coup failed. "Now that three years have passed after the coup, we still haven’t heard anything about the results of that committee’s report," the paper said. 

Committee member and MP for the Republican People's Party, Sazgin Tanry Kolo, was cited as saying, "The committee was not allowed to look into the relations behind the coup, its causes or past neglect. They did not want us to look into any of this." The paper cited the Good Party’s vice chairman Aiton Chirai as recalling the demand made by his party as well as the Republican People’s Party to the parliament to probe into Fateh Gulen movement’s political arm and its relationship with the coup. However, all these proposals were rejected by the Justice and Development and the National Movement parties. Kolo added that after the two parties rejected the Good Party’s proposals, anything these parties say about Fethullah Gulen group would not have any sense."

16 July 2019

Per Gune: All in the Mire of Debt

The newspaper is of the view that "the economic crisis is deepening, and citizens, companies and the whole country are in the mire of debt," referring to a recent report by the Union of Turkish Banks. The paper said the report "reminds us of fact of debts in Turkey. In the past four months, 600,000 people were prosecuted in courts because of debts. As for the state, its borrowings increased in single year by 137% as is the case with company debts that saw a steady rise. The construction sector is the one most affected by the economic crisis, the debts of which reached 238 billion liras (US$42 billion), whilst debts in the water distribution sector reached 208 billion liras.” 

17 July 2019

Suzhou: Nuclear Bombs in Turkey

The newspaper touched upon a Nato report saying, "The United States maintains non-strategic nuclear bombs in several countries with the aim of maintaining the Nato countries’ safety," adding that this is "because of Russia's retention of tactical nuclear warheads in its military arsenal."

The report, which was published on the Nato website and then withdrawn a short time later, indicated that the United States retains non-strategic nuclear bombs in six European countries as well as in the Turkish Incirlik Air Base. This is the first time it has been announced the existence of American nuclear bombs. After it was withdrawn from the Internet, the report was re-published but after the part related to the places of American nuclear bombs was deleted."

18 July 2019

Yeni Shafak: The Turkish Army is Blocking the Road to the PKK’s Expansionist Policy

The newspaper touched upon the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) which has been occupying 800 villages along the border between Turkey and Iran in northern Iraq for 29 years, saying "Operations Fist 1 and 2 which the Turkish army carried out in northern Iraq have tightened the grip on the PKK, cutting off its supplies and preventing it from expansion from northern Iraq into eastern Syria. The operation, which was carried out recently by the Turkish army in cooperation with Turkish intelligence and targeted Ghareeb Mohammed, a leading figure of the PKK steering council, was a cause for concern within the terrorist organisation and its leadership. 

"The PKK accused the Peshmerga of establishing cooperation with the Turkish army, threatening to target its institutions and diplomats located in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. It is for this reason that the PKK established the so-called “Jewels of Protecting Kurdistan".

19 July 2019

Republics newspaper: Will Open Other Doors

The newspaper touched upon the Pentagon's announcement of suspending Turkey's participation in the F-35 program in view of its acquisition of the Russian air defence system S-400, saying, "The debate began within the Turkish Air Force about finding alternatives to the F-35.” Ismail Demir, head of the Turkish Military Industry Authority, said, "The Turkish Republic and Turkish companies will fulfil all their commitments contained in the agreements on the F35. Turkey's exit from the P35 partnership program cannot be effected unilaterally." The paper added that “Getting Turkey to exit the project would cause other partners to sustain losses, as this will raise the cost of the F-35 aircraft by about $10 million. Turkish companies working in this project have not been affected so far, but to the contrary, orders are still ongoing. Demier noted that Turkey is still committed to the program until it receives the decision officially.”

July 20 2019

Suzhou newspaper: They Are All Turks

The newspaper referred to the probe into the armed attack on the Turkish consular officer in Arbil, noting that the four assailants are Turkish citizens, including Mazloum Dag, 27, the eldest brother of Dersim Dag, Turkish MP for the Democratic People’s Party.

The newspaper said, "Turkey sent a joint security team of the General Intelligence and the Police Intelligence to participate in the probe into the attack and to help identify the assailants at the request of the authorities of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.” The day before the attack, Saiki Uztork, a journalist at Suzhou newspaper, wrote an article titled "Armed Faction Against Turkey” in which he said that the PKK is suffering material losses as a result of the Turkish military operation carried out by the Turkish army in northern Iraq.

"A new armed faction is carrying out assassinations against tribal leaders in northern Iraq, the Turkish forces there and also against the Turkish interests in the Kurdistan region of Iraq so as to bring instability and chaos to the region, thus creating an atmosphere hostile to the presence of Turkish troops in northern Iraq. It is expected that the Turkish forces in northern Iraq will be their prime target."

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