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Twitter Comments on Facebook Outage

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7Dnews London

Fri, 29 Nov 2019 15:26 GMT

California-based American online social media and networking service Facebook said on Friday November 29th that a full service had been restored, after an outage the day before that affected access to the social platform and its other apps, such as Instagram, AFP reported.  

"Earlier today, people may have experienced trouble accessing Facebook's family of apps. The issue has since been resolved, we are back to 100 percent for everyone and we're sorry for any inconvenience," a company spokesperson said in a statement on Thursday November 28th. 

Facebook, which claims to have 2.45 billion active monthly users across its array of products, blamed "an issue in one of our central software systems" for disrupting connectivity for several hours.

Users, unable to access Facebook, took to Twitter to comment ironically on the crash.

Downdetector, an app which calls itself the ‘Weatherman for the digital world’ and monitors real-time status of outages on the internet, said that users of all Facebook platforms started having trouble at 13:45 GMT.

As often happens with such outages, this one seemed to hit at random around the world, with some regions being affected and others not.

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