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Tue, 10 Dec 2019 02:56 GMT

Twitter to Let Users Follow Topics of Interest


7Dnews London

Wed, 14 Aug 2019 15:42 GMT

Twitter users will be able to follow a small number of interests by the end of the year in the same way that they follow people, the company announced on Tuesday August 13th, according to AFP.

The feature will be rolled out internationally as the one-to-many messaging platform prioritises being an online venue for conversations rather than a pulpit for one-way broadcasting to the masses.

"We are basically rewriting the entire conversation service," Twitter Product Lead Kayvon Beykpour stated during a briefing at the company's San Francisco headquarters.

The company also highlighted ongoing efforts to make sharing thoughts on the platform safe and easy.

Twitter has always let users follow accounts but a new feature, set to begin by the end of this year, will let users opt into following certain sports teams or categories on a curated list.

There will be an ability to "mute" topics to avoid seeing the score of a sporting match, for example. Also, topics people follow will show up in their profiles if they are signed up for the interest.

Twitter has no plans for an often requested "edit" button that would let users change posts already sent, saying it raised complex issues and was "not anywhere near the top of our list," of things to do.

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