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UK Election: Labour Party Announces Rail Policies


7Dnews London

Mon, 02 Dec 2019 20:41 GMT

The British Labour party has unveiled another big plan as part of its general election campaign on Monday, December 2nd, saying rail fares would be cut down drastically under a Labour government.

At the start of the last full week before the polling date for the UK’s early general election on December 12th, Labour promised what the party described as the “biggest ever” plan to cut rail fares in England, announcing that prices for season tickets and other regulated fares would be lowered by a third.

The party’s plans would also introduce a simplification of the ticketing system, with the vision being a London-style system for the whole nation, in addition to free rail travel for those aged 16 and under, the Guardian reported.

Funding needed to implement these ideas is supposed to come from a sustainable transport fund based on an emissions-based tax, or vehicle excise duty (VED).

In recent days, Labour pledged investments for walking and cycling journeys to fund active travel as part of their green policies.

The timing of the environmentally friendly announcement was timely, as political leaders were meeting to start off the COP25 UN Climate Conference in Madrid, bringing two weeks of discussions and meetings on the issue of the climate emergency.

Campaigning his party’s new rail fares policy, Labour head Jeremy Corbyn stood outside a station in his constituency and handed out leaflets to travellers.

“Travelling by train is my favourite way of getting around the country, but for too long a fragmented and privatised rail system has ripped off passengers,” he said.

He further declared, “Taking back control of our railways is the only way to bring down fares and create a railway network that is fit for the future. Labour will bring about real change on the railways because we are on the side of passengers.”