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Tuesday 20th March 2018

UK Heatwave Continues for One More Day after Record Bank Holiday


7Dnews London

Tue, 27 Aug 2019 15:57 GMT

Britain is riding out an end-of-summer heatwave on Tuesday August 27th, which has just brought the hottest bank holiday weekend on record, only weeks after new all-time temperature highs were set for the UK in late July.

Southern and eastern parts of the country were expected to see a fourth day of temperatures above 30°C on Tuesday, before the heatwave gives way to thunderstorms and heavy rain in the evening and temperatures are predicted to go down to the range of lower to mid 20°C.

The Met Office forecast “a few heavy, perhaps thundery showers”, with a chance of “hail and torrential downpours”, clearing the air and paving the way for a less extreme, but still warm, late British summer.

The latest forecasts came after highs of 33.3°C and 33.2°C were recorded at Heathrow Airport on Sunday and Monday respectively, making these past days the hottest late August bank holiday weekend on record. According to the Evening Standard, the previous highest temperature of 31.5 °C was recorded back in 2001.

However, the hope for another chance of properly hot ice cream weather is not entirely over yet. The Independent quoted the Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell as saying: "For some of us we have still got some hot weather to come but that transition over the next 48 hours will come with a risk of heavy rain and thunderstorms."