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Wed, 20 Nov 2019 16:51 GMT

United Auto Workers Go on Strike against Mack Truck


7Dnews London - AFP

Mon, 14 Oct 2019 02:06 GMT

Over 3,600 members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) went on strike against Mack Truck, an ancillary of AB Volvo, continuing yet another stride in the union's ongoing strike against General Motors Co., AFP reported on Sunday, October 13th.

The first strike in 35 years since 1984 took place at Mack Truck plants in three states – Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida. The union workers called for fair pay, benefits, stability, and protection.

UAW Secretary-Treasurer and Director of the Heavy Truck Department Ray Curry said that "UAW members get up every day and put in long, hard hours of work from designing to building Mack trucks.”

"UAW members carry on their shoulders the profits of Mack and they are simply asking for dignity, fair pay, and job protections," he added.

In a letter sent by Curry to D. William Waters, director of employee and labour relations at Volvo Trucks North America, he said, “Over the last three months, we have met with company representatives to address issues raised by our members.”

He then expressed disappointment “that the company failed to provide any substantial offer” before October 1st he explained, a local media source reported.

On the other hand, Mack Truck executives felt frustrated by the union's decision to stage a strike.

According to local media source The Morning Call, an agreement was reached in less than a day in October 2016 after old one expired, while in October 2004, the two sides reached a temporary labour agreement almost 11 hours after the previous contract expired.

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