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US Equipment Removal Signals Withdrawal from Syria


7Dnews London

Fri, 11 Jan 2019 12:10 GMT

The US military has removed some equipment from Syria, AFP reported on January 10th, citing a defence official, who refused to give more details. “I can confirm the movement of equipment from Syria,” the official told AFP. “For security reasons, I am not going to provide further details at this time.”

President Trump announced on December 19th that he was pulling all 2,000 American troops out of the war-ravaged Syria in a decision that spurred concern among allies and prompted the resignation of his then defence chief, Jim Mattis.

Since then, however, administration officials appear to have walked back considerably and the current timetable envisaged is unclear. National Security Adviser John Bolton set out stringent conditions for the proposed withdrawal, saying the defence of allies must first be assured.

The removal of the equipment in recent days was first reported by CNN, which quoted an administration official with direct knowledge of the operation as saying it signalled the beginning of US withdrawal from the Middle Eastern country. The official quoted by CNN would not describe exactly what the cargo was or how it was being transported.

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