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Zambia: Unrest Over Alleged Attacks on Chinese Nationals


7Dnews London

Wed, 28 Nov 2018 22:32 GMT

The Zambian government is fighting to extinguish social unrest after suspected Chinese nationals physically assaulted locals. Zambians reacted by rioting against the authorities for protecting the Chinese nationals.

"Any Chinese who incites violence or goes to an exclusively Zambian township will face the full force of the law. Chinese nationals who are not citizens are on very fragile ground because offences of this nature will earn them, not just a prison term but an immediate deportation,” said Presidential Press and Public relations Amos Chanda.

President Edgar Lungu has assured all foreigners living in Zambia of protection from victimisation but no immunity from prosecution and deportation if they break the law.

“Zambians should desist from propagating xenophobic attacks against Chinese nationals who are allegedly harassing locals. We’re not aware of any Chinese nationals instigating violence against Zambians but we reiterated that any such foreigners, whether Chinese or not, will face the full wrath of the law,” added Chanda.

Chanda further said, “President Lungu does not want to see anyone destabilise Zambia's reputation of being a peaceful country which welcomes everyone and that the police will act decisively on malcontents.”

The Chinese government has formally written to its Zambian counterpart complaining over alleged victimisation of its nationals based on false allegations regarding the purchase of State-Owned Enterprises.

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