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China Promises to Retaliate if US Imposes New Tariffs


7Dnews London

Thu, 22 Aug 2019 10:30 GMT

China said on Thursday August 22nd, it hopes the United States will end its imposition of tariffs, warning that any new sanctions would lead to escalation.

Earlier this month, the US said it would increase duties on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods from September 1st, which would effectively extend its tariffs to all China’s exports to the US.

But President Trump later delayed duties on some items such as cell phones, laptops and other consumer goods to mid-December, in the hopes of reducing their impact on US holiday sales, according to Reuters.

“Despite the US decision to delay tariffs on some Chinese goods .... if the US rides roughshod over China’s opposition and imposes any new tariffs, China will be forced to adopt retaliatory actions,” Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Gao Feng told a news briefing.

Gao said that trade teams from both sides have been keeping in touch, when asked whether the Chinese Vice Premier Liu He would travel to Washington for the next round of face-to-face talks.

When asked if Washington had raised the Hong Kong issue with China during the trade negotiations, Gao referred to Trump’s previous remarks that Hong Kong is part of China and it is not necessary for the US to intervene.

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